Frequently Asked Questions

My finances are a mess! Will you work with me?

Absolutely! Cleaning up your books or even creating a general ledger from scratch is my specialty! We’ll work together to get everything in order so we can start with a clean slate and comfortable, communicative routine.

What financial software do you work with?

I typically use QuickBooks (both desktop and online) but I’m also comfortable with Xero and NetSuite. I’m happy to review and discuss the options within whatever system you’re currently using.

Do I need to sign a yearly contract?

No contract is required but if you prefer to have one it’s easy to set-up. No problem! I issue my bills monthly and receive in payments net 30 days.

How do you interact with my accountant?

I typically send monthly or quarterly reports to clients’ accountants so they can accurately estimate your taxes. I’m always happy to answer any questions and make any adjustments requested. I may pick their brain from time to time to make sure everything I’m doing is in line with their work for your tax preparation.

How are you different from other bookkeeping services?

I consider myself part of your business team. Some services mechanically do data entry bookkeeping with no understanding of your business. That’s not me. You’ll find that I regularly make suggestions, comment on spending patterns, and provide ideas to run your business more efficiently. I’m not a bookkeeping service, I’m your business partner.

Ready to get started? Contact Me.

I’ve been in business for 15 years plus, and believe me, I’ve come across almost every quandary, financial pickle, and money question you can imagine. Try to stump me! I’m ready to dig in and get your books in order!