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Record Keeping

Accounts receivable and payable management. Payments can be delivered via any method of your choosing (physical checks, online banking, or any other system). I not only create and send invoices on your behalf but also follow up for payment.



Bank, Credit Cards, Loans – all need to be recorded, reviewed, adjusted, and reconciled on a monthly basis with regular entries (either single entry or dual entry as needed).


Financial Reporting

Monthly and/or quarterly reports electronically delivered for your review. This allows us to discuss and examine where efficiencies and compliance issues need attention.


Financial Analysis

Job profitability analysis presented for discussion to see if you are maximizing your income. Profit and loss analysis to work towards positive financial projections.


Forecasting & Budgeting

Revenue and Expenses both benefit from tracking where you are and projecting where you are going.



I work with your third party payroll provider to process payroll and file and reconcile payroll tax returns.


Sales Tax

Preparation of monthly, quarterly or annual sales tax returns.


New Client Review

When we start collaborating, I always do a quick review of past activity to see spending patterns. I double check that past entries have been properly categorized. I suggest new accounts if needed so you can easily see where money is going. If the chart of accounts is too large, I love cleaning that up!

My Clients Are…

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Retail & Consumer Goods

Consulting, Marketing & Branding


I deliver customized bookkeeping services to each of my clients

Every business is different. Each client is different. I strongly believe that a one-size fits all approach is NOT the right formula for delivering professional bookkeeping services. That’s why I’ve built my business on generally accepted accounting principles, not grandiose marketing promises.


I’m honest down to the core.

You have to be as an accountant and a bookkeeper. I wouldn’t be able to stay in business if I wasn’t.


I deliver on my promises.

If we agree to a schedule, that is what you’ll get. That’s all.


I am "of service".

I want to help you advance and develop your business.

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